Stop Making Excuses!


Stop Making Excuses!

Benjamin Franklin is credited as having said that those who are good at making excuses are hardly good for anything else; and he was right.   Ask yourself this: how often do you try to explain why you have not pursued that cherished dream you’ve always held? Maybe you’ve always fantasized about starting your own […]

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6 Bad Habits to Eliminate as an Entrepreneur

Are you an entrepreneur or looking to follow that path? Being an entrepreneur is a great venture that is not as challenging as many people think. In addition to the professional skills needed in this area, your personality determines your success too. Just like in any other field, there are good habits that help you […]

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The Importance of Investing

Investing is a way to secure your future by setting aside a certain amount of money into something more than a bank account—something that has the potential to increase the original invested amount over time.   In other words, the money you put aside is used to generate more money. This is perhaps the most […]

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Benefits of the Blockchain Technology to Various Industries

What is Blockchain Technology? The Blockchain refers to an open, distributed ledger which underlies various cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin) and platforms (like Ethereum). Such cryptocurrencies and platforms wouldn’t exist in their current, modern form.   The Blockchain technology provides an excellent way to transfer and record data that’s safe, transparent, resistant to outages, and auditable. […]

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How to Safeguard Your Cryptocurrency

Possessing a cryptocurrency is no longer a wild west affair that many people termed it a few years ago. Today, most people have access to cryptocurrencies and investors are making significant amounts of money from the trade of cryptocurrencies. This growth of investment, even from people with little knowledge in the cryptocurrency technicalities, has opened […]

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8 Secrets to Success in the Direct Sales World

Can YOU be successful and make money in direct sales? Well, that’s a bit of a loaded question. Frankly, the answer is a resounding “yes”, but only IF you are willing to accept that it does take some work (and some time). It is NOT a magic, overnight process. Listen, thousands of people around the […]

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Tips for Today’s Crypto Traders

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset established to serve as a means of exchange, that applies cryptography to protect its transactions. The first Cryptocurrency known as bitcoin was created in 2009 and more digital currencies generally referred to as “Altcoins” were later introduced. As opposed to central banking systems and other types of centralized electronic money, […]

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Jason Guck Explains Blockchain Technology

The Starting Point of Blockchain Technology—Cryptocurrency Don’t panic after seeing the complex word “cryptocurrency.” Before fully understanding what Blockchain Technology is, we should start with cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is virtual and digital currency that employs cryptography for security. As a result, it is very hard to counterfeit cryptocurrency. Also, you may want to note that is fully […]

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Jason Guck on Bitcoin

Many  people have come across the term bitcoin, but few understand what it actually is. Bitcoin was created in 2009 by a mystery person who only goes by a pseudo name, Satoshi Nakamoto. It can be described as a digital token or a decentralized electronic mode of transaction that can be sent and received globally. This article […]

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ARE YOU A WANTRAPRENEUR? repost from Tony Robbins… Jason Guck MLM

Tony Robbins nails this blog post… You have a brilliant idea that you just know is the next “big thing.” So you register an LLC, order top-of-the-line business cards, design the perfect website. You even write a 50-page business plan. But months and months go by, and you still haven’t made that first dollar. Sound […]

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