8 Tips for Trading Altcoins and Bitcoin

8 Tips for Trading Altcoins and Bitcoin

When trading Bitcoin and Altcoins, it is important to observe various safety measures that will render your trade more effective. It is very discouraging to lose your cryptocurrency as a result of making micro mistakes. So, what are the best tactics and life hacks to ensure that you evade such mistakes? Such tricks will boost […]

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The Future of Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency mining is the process by which new cryptocurrencies are created. For the last 10 years, this method has remained the most common way of acquiring new cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency mining applies processing power to perform multi-faceted mathematical problems. This mathematical problem involves completing blockchains and receiving returns in form of cryptocurrencies. In the early days […]

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How Millennials are Using Cryptocurrency to Shape the Future

The current generation of millennials is strongly linked to digitization whereby daily life, education, work among other activities are digitized. This technological trend has enabled millennials to build confidence in all types of emerging technologies without exempting cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency market has expanded at a high rate therefore inspiring entrepreneurs to establish job opportunities by […]

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What Happened to the Crypto Market?

Currently, the cryptocurrency market has been trading with a quick range. The market has experienced small volatility because various regulations from different countries have affected the trading activity. For the last few months, the market movement of cryptocurrency has revealed uncertainty. This unexpected shift started last year when there was irregular spike in cryptocurrency value, […]

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Cryptocurrency and Hard Forks

The blockchain technology is a consensus protocol which is decentralized. This means that no one entity has any supreme control over it. The governance is by consensus; the participants on the network must, therefore, arrive at a set of rules and protocols that must be adhered to in order to achieve harmony. However, sometimes the […]

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Technical Analysis and Trading Ideas in Cryptocurrency

Crypto traders use several analytical instruments to study and assess fluctuating trends in the cryptocurrency market. Most new traders who are making their way into the world of cryptocurrency experience difficulties after purchasing various cryptocurrencies at the wrong market time. To prevent such undesirable trades, technical analysis is a crucial tool that has helped multiple […]

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Top Courses Related to Cryptocurrency

  To help you understand the real logic and detailed information related to cryptocurrencies, we have researched and compiled a complete listing of the top courses related to cryptocurrency. These courses are relevant because they give vital knowledge on how to mine, invest and trade cryptocurrencies. There are different online tutors who specialize in the […]

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The 4 Most Crypto-Friendly Countries in the World

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency whereby the generation of units and transfer of funds are controlled by encryption techniques. Cryptocurrency is a decentralized asset operating independently of a central bank of any given country. The market and regulation of cryptocurrencies vary in different countries based on specific laws imposed by their governments. The cryptocurrency friendly […]

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Crypto Crazed Celebrities

With cryptocurrency becoming so mainstream, we’re hearing more and more about celebrity investors and their involvement. Of course we’ve all heard of Bill Gates and Richard Branson. These are just a couple of big names involved in the crypto world. Despite the opinions of many skeptics, such as Warren Buffet, these guys came out and […]

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Cryptocurrency in the United States

There has been a recent explosion of media attention and public interest on cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin, leaving many people with questions like where does cryptocurrency stand in the U.S and what is its legal status? Are there any regulations on cryptocurrency? What are government officials saying?   A recent survey done by LendEDU […]

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