Can YOU be successful and make money in direct sales?

Well, that’s a bit of a loaded question.

Frankly, the answer is a resounding “yes”, but only IF you are willing to accept that it does take some work (and some time). It is NOT a magic, overnight process.

Listen, thousands of people around the world sign on with direct sales companies every day in hopes of making it big. But here’s the deal – direct sales require a lot of hard work and determination, and you should be aware of what you’re getting yourself into. Let’s discuss what it takes to succeed in the direct sales world and turn your business into a highly profitable one.

1. Believe in Your Products

Believing in yourself and your strengths is crucial, but believing in the products you’re selling is also crucial. Trusting that your products are delivering the results they promise is the first step to winning your potential clients over. Whole-heartedly believing in what you’re selling reflects in the way you communicate with people, thus building trust. Your potential clients will then be more open to purchasing the products.

2. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Your business is unique because it’s your very own. It may take off slower than others’, and that’s totally OK. Don’t let the success of others discourage you; let it motivate you! Focus on yourself and your goal. Once you break the habit of looking at what your competitors are doing, only then will you be able to get into the right frame of mind and drive your sales to success.

3. Set Goals

Every psychologist will tell you that whether you’re a student, athlete or business person, setting goals is a requirement in order to maintain your focus on the “prize”. What are you working so hard for? Is it a new car, a new house, or maybe building a career you can take pride in? Write down your goals and set a target date. Then work consistently on accomplishing them.

4. Have Enthusiasm

Think of your direct sales business as an exciting new journey. Be enthusiastic about what you’ll be doing and let your enthusiasm be the fuel you require to keep you on track. Enthusiasm means positive attitude and high levels of energy. Energy and positivity are contagious (it really is!) and your potential clients will definitely be more approachable as a result.

5. Accept That There Will Be “NO”s

Accept that there will be times of failure, just as in any other business. But a “no” may still get you close to a “yes”, so there’s no need to despair. Learn from each “no” and improve your techniques. Failing from time to time is actually beneficial because it points out what you may be doing wrong or where there’s room for improvement.

6. Stand Out!

With so many people involved in direct sales, why would a potential customer buy from you and not from others? Differentiate yourself by offering more discounts or freebies, developing your own website, or making more use of marketing tools. Add extra value somewhere in the process. The key to increasing sales and keeping your business alive is to stand out from the crowd.

7. Get Yourself Out There

You can do amazing things as an individual, but you’ll be surprised by the even greater things you can accomplish by teaming up with people that share the same goals as you do. Go to events hosted by the company you’re signed on with, dial into sales calls, and attend as many events related to the direct sales business as you can. You’ll be able to make connections that may prove to be highly beneficial to your success as a salesperson.

8. Do Not Quit

There’ll be bumps along the way, and people tend to lose confidence in themselves and their ability to maintain their business. And this is especially true when it comes to direct sales. However, it’s also true that the failure rate is not necessarily higher than with any other business. Make a commitment to not throw in the towel when the going gets rough. Honestly, even if you forget the other 7 “secrets” above, you are virtually guaranteed to succeed in the long run if you simply resolve never to quit!

This means you will need to learn to overcome rejection, avoid making mistakes (or learning from them if you do), and staying focused on your goals as a way to keep yourself motivated. Motivation is, in fact, the key to staying on course. As long as you know that success is your only option and that minor setbacks are lessons to learn from, you should start developing that winner attitude that will drive sales through the roof thanks to having the right attitude. Be true to yourself and don’t give up!

Remember, you only truly fail if you quit. That might sound like a cliche, but that’s because most cliches are actually true!

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